Episode 6 - Cocktail Time

Thank you so much for joining me for episode 6 of The Hungriest Knitter! I'm on Ravelry, Twitter & Instagram as rachellynnec. When we hit 150 members in the Ravelry group, I'll be hosting a giveaway there, so please join us!

Here's the short version of show notes: I'm nearly finished my Mizutama Shawl, but am not getting much knitting time thanks to a serious bout of repetitive stress injury. I'm waiting on some beautiful goodies from Lynai Yarns to arrive. I also decided to "treat yo-self" (err, treat myself) to the Yarn Pyramid from Fringe Supply Co. I love it so much. I shared my favorite cocktail, the negroni. I chatted a bit about my typical cooking style, which is improvisational and dependent on having a well stocked pantry and quality ingredients. I've gleaned a lot of cooking inspiration from An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. What's happening with your cooking lately? What inspires you to get into the kitchen? I'd love to hear all about it!

Until next time, stay hungry!