thoughts on a new year.

I'm not much for New Year's resolutions. I love setting goals, but I think resolutions can be limiting and we can end up setting ourselves up to fail. However, I love the feeling of a fresh start. There's so much promise there. I like to approach a new year with the hope of what's to come, which is what led me to starting this tiny little podcast and blog of mine in the first place.

With this fresh start in mind, I wanted to share a few words and ideas I'd like to focus on in a big way in this next year, and how I expect they'll affect my craft and this space.

intention: Stop pinning my focus on schedules or what patterns everyone else is knitting (which I am wont to do). Create things that inspire me. Work with tools and fibres that I find fulfilling. Document the process as it feels right to me. Stay true to my aesthetic and rhythm. 

simplicity: I am most inspired by basic garments and get overwhelmed with too many projects on my plate. Keep this in mind and think about progress in small, manageable steps.

community: I am always in awe of the incredible people who reach out to me because of this space. My biggest goal in starting a podcast was to foster a community of like-minded crafters. Keep engaging with folks and hearing their stories.

What is inspiring you as we begin 2015? Do you make resolutions or goals, crafty or otherwise, at the start of a new year? I'd love to hear about it. Thanks for stopping by.