taking stock / 02

Making: still working on the Umaro baby blanket for a wee one, and a marled slouchy ribbed hat for me
Drinking: too much red wine, not enough water. also, the atlas brew works peppercorn saison is a revelation!
Reading: Far From the Madding Crowd because 2015 will be the year I learn to love Thomas Hardy so help me
Wanting: eh, nothing at the moment... feeling pretty contented and it's a good thing
Watching: Obvious Child, which made me laugh, cry, and feel a little more human
Listening: to I've Just Seen a Face on a nonstop loop
Planning: vegetarian meals for the week, easy peasy
Eating: pomegranates and blood oranges. winter is growing tiring in ways, but I sure love the fruit selection!
Wearing: cozy sweaters and wool socks -- this COLD weather isn't going anywhere yet.
Writing: lists of patterns I'd like to knit this year and yarn ideas - Waterlily and Lila are slowly moving up my queue
Trying: a new recipe for toasted coconut butter - I'm betting it will be amazing on apple slices
Feeling: a bit disappointed that the weather spoiled our weekend vacation plans, but having friends who rally and make the best of a bad situation made for a weird, good time snowed in together