taking stock / 01

Making: a smaller version of Brooklyn Tweed's Umaro Blanket for my sweet, new baby niece
Drinking: green smoothies every morning, herbal tea in the evening
Reading: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up because yes, I am a bandwagon-jumper and it's too easy to buy Kindle books
Wanting: to shrink my wardrobe, my yarn stash and my book collection (see above)
Watching: Northern Exposure, my favorite wintry show, on a nonstop loop
Listening: SO. MANY. PODCASTS! current faves: Pomcast, Woolful, How Did This Get Made, and The Splendid Table
Planning: episode 14 of the podcast!
Eating: soup. so much soup. what else do you make for weekday lunches? this soup thing is getting tiiiiiired.
Wearing: turtlenecks basically all day every day. it's cold out there, y'all. and as Diane Keaton says in Something's Gotta Give, "I'm just a turtleneck kind of gal."
Writing: with actual pen and paper in my new Hobonichi Techo planner, which I'm using as a planner, journal and knitting notebook. 
Trying: to not fall into the wintry despair that seems to arrive in February with lots of brisk walks in the sunshine
Feeling: inspired by beautiful blogs like Mandarine's, Raincloud & Sage, Jay Kay Knits, and Madder.