making things: my 2017 crafting goals

We're already a full month and a half into 2017, so in classic Rachel fashion, it feels as good a time as any to share my 2017 crafty plans and goals.


A (very brief) 2016 year in review:

Last year was my least prolific year as a knitter, but somehow my best yet. I only completed one project in 2016 - my Lila pullover. I also cast on my Bellows Cardigan in 2016, which I finished just a week into 2017. 2016 revitalized my love for knitting and my commitment in time and energy to do it. Not to mention, I happen to wear the sweaters constantly. I've often thought of myself as a slow knitter who doesn't follow through on long-term projects, but by knitting monogamously on these sweaters, I've demonstrated to myself otherwise.

What's on my needles at the moment:

  • Briochealicious Shawl has been a fun project for me thus far - it's my first brioche project and I've enjoyed learning the two color method... after THREE false starts.
  • Simple vanilla socks in a beautiful, tonal cranberry color. I love Jenny Gordy's sock pattern in Made By Hand, and it's great back-burner knitting.

Hibernating projects to tackle:

  • Pomme de Pin Cardigan: I cast this sweater on in 2013 (gulp!) and haven't worked on it since 2014. I think I was feeling a little anxious about my abilities to follow the pattern well. That said, I'm ready to dive back in... and either knit this or frog the thing and cast on a Gable by Hannah Fettig, which is a simple sweatshirt style pullover and more my style.
  • Whispering Pines Shawl: I think I set this shawl aside when my knitting mojo took a hiatus in 2015. Since all I have left is the lace border, I'd like to finally finish this for my mom's birthday.
  • Hue Shift Blanket: I bought this kit for cheap on a whim, but it's so clearly not my aesthetic. Luckily, I now have a teen girl in my life who will thoroughly enjoy this uber-colorful blanket, and she's inspiring me to get back to it.

What's next in 2017:

  • I have a sweater quantity of Plucky Primo Fingering yarn in my stash in the most perfect dark grey ever, and I'm 99% sure it's destined to become a Carpino sweater.
  • I've been lusting after great shape and texture of the Ondawa sweater, likely in O-Wool Balance because it's basically my favorite yarn of all time.
  • I want to knit myself a wedding shawl, and Spruce Forest has an Estonian lace pattern that is so up my alley.
  • I really enjoy the instant gratification of hat knitting, and Diode and Roku have been in my queue for far too long.
  • I'm enamored with the simple, elegant construction of the Arched Gusset Mittens.
  • And the Mistletoe Socks from The Wool Club are really calling my name these days.